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    Part 2 of my Italy blog post features photographs mostly taken in Venice and the surrounding islands of Murano and Burano. All photos taken on my Pentax K-30.

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    Glass bead samples at the glass museum in Murano.

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    Beautiful glass beads in Murano.

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    More lovely glass beads, created using a similar technique to polymer clay cane work, but in glass.

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    Some more glass bead samples. I am going to use this as inspiration to create a samples board with my own polymer clay beads.

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    Excellent glasswork in Murano.

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    Contemporary art installation in the Murano glass museum.

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    Very interesting glass window in one of the shops in Murano.

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     Murano mosaic.

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    And welcome to the colourful toytown island of Burano.

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    Where all the teeny houses are painted beautiful vivid colours.

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    Possibly the quaintest and most colourful place I have ever seen.

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    The contrasting colours of Burano against the sky.

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    Where cats lap water out of boat covers whilst barking dogs watch in amazement.

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    Super cute and colourful.

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    A truly beatiful island of colour.

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    Burano <3

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    Here's me in Burano - I look so dull against the colours of the houses!

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    Burano chimney the sname colour as the sky!

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    Burano was getting a little cloudy as we were leaving to catch the boat back to Venice.

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    On the boat travelling from Burano to Venice, beautiful views of the mountains and scenery.

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    Sunset across the water.

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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

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    On a canal in Venice.

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    Monastary Island near Venice.

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    View from the tallest point in Venice.

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    The beauty that is Venice.

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    The leaning tower of Pisa isn't the only wonky tower in Italy. This one we discovered in Venice.

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    This was the shot! I've never caught a moving bird quite so well before!

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    Beautiful Venice (shame about the rubbish bags!)


    Tuscan hilltop settlement.


    Beautiful degraded house in Venice.

    Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed!

  2. Some photographs from our recent trip to Italy. We arrived in Rome on July 17th, where we spent four nights. From Rome we caught a high speed train to Florence, where we spent another four nights. We then hired a car and drove to Lido Di Camaiore on the West coast of Tuscany; we stayed here for 5 nights. Finally we drove back to Florence, dropped off our hire car and caught another train across Italy to Venice, for another 4 night stay. We really enjoyed every aspect of our Italian experience. Particularly the driving and scenery in Tuscany was fantastic. Here I am sharing a small collection of photographs of some of our highlights. I will upload Part 2 separately, for technical reasons. Photos are not in any particular order, but all clearly labelled.

    All photos taken on my Pentax K-30 with a range of different lenses used.

    Rome view trails-2

    Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence.

    Rome view trails-3

    View of Santa Maria del Fiore Baptistry of Saint John.

    Rome view trails-4

    Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore view from Giotto's Bell Tower, Florence.

    Rome view trails-5

    View from Giotto's Bell Tower.

    Rome view-2

    Simon and I at The Colosseum.

    Rome view-3

    Simon at The Colosseum, Rome.


    Rome view-4

    A lizard at the water fountain, Palatine Hill, Rome.

    Rome view-7

    Umbrellas, Rome.

    Rome view-8

    On the River Tiber, Rome.

    Rome view-9

    Sculpture through a window - Florence.

    Rome view

    The Colosseum, Rome.


    Hidden hill town, Tuscany. This one was taken whilst Simon was driving along.


    Tuscan coastal town, taken from a mountain road.


    Tuscan coastal town near Monterosso.


    Extreme close up: Birra Moretti.


    Lovelock window with Bokeh, Monterosso, Tuscany.


    Wild Aloe Vera and other plants, Monterosso, Tuscany.


    Pretty pink flower.


    Mountain view, taken from the road, whilst driving.


    View from a mountain road, Tuscany.


    View of Manarola, from a coastal road, Tuscany.


    Tuscan Sunset.


    Mountain settlement, Tuscany.


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