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  1. So I've been writing (and not writing) this blog whilst the website's been offline. I've been in Thailand just over two weeks and I really haven't had the time, or the resources to sort much out, website wise. However, I have been communicating with the Create.net team, and they've been working hard for me, trying to get my domain hosting sorted out, so that I can actually switch over from my current provider to my new one (you're here now!)

    Thailand is fab (if a bit rainy at times - I mean, rain? I've never seen anything like it!) But we've had so much traveling and sight seeing to do, along with relaxing in the mean time, we've hardly noticed when the weather hasn't been great! We've seen beautiful red, orange sunsets and 80 meter waterfalls, driven a huge length of the country in a few days, seen car and bike crashes, amazing insects, been to a wicked Full Moon Party and eaten some of the best food I've ever tasted. Now we're at our current accommodation in Krabi, for 6 more nights (last night was our first) and we're surely in the right place for chilling and seeing some amazing landscapes. The weather, so far, however, has been so stormy and rainy, it's been mental! The no-sunshine thing isn't getting to either of us yet! So for now, a bit of website work, nice beer, good food, and plenty of relaxing. I mean, after all, this is our holiday!

    So, bye for now, and perhaps next time I write a post, this website will be LIVE!

  2. So, it's just over a week until my boyfriend Simon and I jet off from Heathrow airport and fly to Bangkok. I have a week left at work (I work in a school for children on the autism spectrum) and then we break up for the six week summer holiday. Four of those weeks I will be away, travelling around Thailand (yippee!!) I have 22 days left of my free trial with create.net to build at least some of this website, then I will start paying for it. I'm finding that building the website is quite easy, it's time consuming, of course, especially adding all the products, but it's quite enjoyable. Create.net have made it as easy as possible to create a nice looking, affordable website.

    I'm hoping to be building the website and adding bits whilst I'm travelling in Thailand. It seems as though there'll be internet access most places that we go, and I'm not very good at just relaxing. I like to be busy and doing something all the time, so hopefully I'll get some time on holiday to be productive.

    This weekend I'm in West Somerset, enjoying my penultimate weekend in the UK with my lovely boyfriend in the sunshine. We are finally getting some half decent summer weather, all across the UK, I believe, which is nice (because in Thailand it's going to be rainy season so we might not get a month of sunshine there!)

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