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  1. So I decided I had to ditch my old website provider Mr.Site because the service that they have provided me with for the past year has been worse than dreadful. I just had so many complaints about the service, I had to move. Mr.Site was costing me a small fortune and giving me little more than stress, headaches and confusion at what the people in the Mumbai call centre were saying to me when I rung up to complain. So here I am, building a new website, a little less fancy, (but still fancy enough) a LOT less costly and also less time-consuming, which is brilliant!

     I've got this free 30 day trial with Create, the company powering my new website, (the website you're on right now) so I can, hopefully, get it all set up and online just as my Mr.Site expires.

    In the mean time, I have a month in Thailand to enjoy....I am wondering whether I could start posting blogs on my new website about my Thailand trip perhaps.....We shall see. I may decide against it, as I am quite sure that Thailand blog posts will not be jewellery related. But then, so what? It's my website, my company, Feelmorelove Boutique. Yes that's mostly jewellery, but it's my handmade jewellery and it's part of the story of me, Elizabeth Dyer. So perhaps I will make this a general blog about me, my life, the things I get up to, and other things too.

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